Friday, December 14, 2007

12/17 Final Performances

Monday Performance Exam Schedule

Room 305

9-11:30 AM Group 3 (Pugh, Contreras, Coleman) -- Performance Starting Time 10:15 AM

11 - 1:30 Group 2 (Pellegrini, Meyer, Germanotta, Craddock) Performance Starting Time 12:15 PM

1-3:30 Group 1(Harvey, Merola, Parker, Bell) Performance Starting Time 2:15 PM

These time periods are for setup, event, critique, and cleanup. After each performance the room must be returned to its original condition by the performance group.

The class will meet as an entire group only for the three events and critiques. During the breaks, groups (you will not be allowed in the room) should feel free to roam campus -- go eat-- go home-- do whatever they would like but must be outside the classroom door ten minutes prior to each of the three performance starting times. If you are late, you will not be allowed into the classroom and your grade will suffer.

Please come prepared for your performance -- projectors, cameras, mics, cleaning supplies (bags, broom, dust pan, etc.), props, stands, lights, etc. . The success of the event is up to the group.

break a leg-- just not mine

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