Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10/15 and 10/22 Change of Schedule

Hello All,

Next week we are going to postpone Assignment 3 (Instruction, Relic, Performative Document) and hold a makeup critique for all work that has currently not been reviewed (some need to show the redo of Assignment 1 and others still need to show Assignment 2) . Those of you that did not have work prepared for yesterday's crit will be limited to receiving a high grade of "C" for the Assignment 2 : The Body and The Question. This is a gift.

I need to know who exactly needs to show next week so please email with the subject heading OCTOBER 15 CATCH UP CRIT and let me know what you need to show and if you have any special requests. If you do not email me this friday 10/12 by noon, you will not be reviewed.

There will be another quiz next week. Please be prepared to give a detailed explanation of the difference between Performance and Performative as well as being able to compare and contrast artist works as an example of your understanding of these concepts. I have discussed these concepts many times in class and information and definitions are to be found on the blog, so please do not expect me to help you formulate the answer to this question.

After this make up crit and quiz, Gabe, Nia and I will be meeting all students to discuss their Assignment 3 progression and plans (please bring materials to review). Overall, I have been extremely disappointed by the creativity behind most of the projects, the lack of preparedness for class, and an air of complacency or apathy. From the looks of the student grade sheets from last critique, I am not alone in thinking that work is subpar. I expect better as I am sure many of you do. To those few of you that have stepped it up and challenged yourself and the class-- Thank you. To the rest, if you cannot bring your very best to the class you may be asked to no longer attend.

Midterm grades will be determined after class the 15th. These grades will be determined based on the following criteria:

Assignments: 40%
Final Assignment: 25%
Quizzes: 25%
Participation: 10%

There is a strong possibility that some students will earn a grade of a "D" or "F".

Assignment 3 critique will now take place on 10/22. You will have had 3 weeks to work on this assignment. Read the assignment carefully and come to this class excited to present. I wish all of you success in this class and my door is always open to help with projects.

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